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Location:United States of America
"I've always felt weird and kind of out of place. But the weird ones are the ones that everybody wants to be like when they’re older. People will understand you later." ~ Adam Lambert.

♥ My name is Stacey.
♥ I gotta admit that i'm an American Idol addict. My fave Idol, by far, is Adam Lambert. :) But I also like Kris Allen, Daughtry and Carly Smithson to name a few.
♥ Reality shows are love. Especially Big Brother, Survivor & The Amazing Race.
♥ I'm a big music junkie/fanatic. Seriously, I probably couldn't live without it.
♥ I am a HUGE fan of the movie The Notebook & all Nicholas Sparks books.
♥ I live in Florida, but I was NYC born & raised. <3
♥ I'm into psychology. Writing is my passion also.

Interests (148):

60s music, 80s movies, 80s music, 90s music, adam lambert, adele, adidas, adison, allison iraheta, american idol, anxiety, astrology, beaches, big brother, bon jovi, books, bowling, boy meets world, boyz ii men, bruno mars, bunnies, california, carly smithson, cats, cds, chick flicks, childhood, chocolate, chris daughtry, chris isaak, city lights, classic rock, coconut, coldplay, comedies, concerts, dancing, david archuleta, dawson's creek, depression, derek hough, dreaming, emile hirsch, emotions, family, fan fic, friends, fun, gabriel macht, gay rights, george harrison, george michael, gin blossoms, giving advice, glam, green, gum, history, hoodies, i love lucy, ice cream, icons, inspiration, james franco, james marsden, john lennon, josh hartnett, journey, kids, kradam, kris allen, lady gaga, las vegas, laughing, leopard, letters, lifehouse, love, love songs, lyrics, madonna, magazines, make-up, mark ruffalo, memories, michael jackson, mood themes, mountains, movies, music, nature, new york city, nicholas sparks, nirvana, nostalgia, observing, old tv shows, online quizzes, p.s. i love you, paul rudd, philosophy, poetry, psychology, puzzles, queen, quotes, rachel mcadams, rain, rainbows, reading, reality tv shows, river phoenix, rock music, romance, root beer, ryan gosling, sensuality, shane west, shopping, shyness, simple things, singing, slash, sleeping, smiles, snow, snuggling, star gazing, strawberries, sunsets, survivor, swimming, the amazing race, the bachelor, the beatles, the nanny, the notebook, the ocean, the perks of being a wallflower, the real world, the wonder years, the yankees, thinking, tigers, traveling, tv, u2, writing
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